Drepturile pasagerilorUseful information (normative documents) necessary for a journey in Europe:     


  • Convention concernig International Carriage by Rail (COTIF) - click here
  • Uniform Rules concerning the Contract of International Carriage of Passengers by Rail  (CIV - Appendix A to the Convention COTIF) - click here  
  • Passenger Rights for railway transport services  - click here
  • Regulation (EC) No. 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council on railway passengers` rights and obligations -click here
  • General Conditions of Carriage in International  Transport - available from 3rd, December, 2009 - Edition 1 October 2016 - click here
  • About refunds:
  • Other useful information for an international travel - click here
  • For purchasing tickets from Romania in international traffic please contact CFR railway stations and CFR travel agencies opened to international traffic (see here)

Romania received derogation from applying Regulation no. 1371/2007, for national railway passenger transport, exemption stipulated GD 1476/25.11.2009 (Click here) and GD 1078/ 03.12.2014 (click here).

You want to travel abroad?

Since July, 19th, 2013 crossing the border is allowed by cumulative accomplishment of the legal conditions of the travel document (ID/passport) validity as follows:

-          to be valid for a period of at least three months from the expected date of departure from the member states territory

-           to be issued in the last10 years.

Fore more information visit the websites http://www.schengen.mira.gov.ro/ and http://www.politiadefrontiera.ro/