Instructions for using the module train's time list

  1. Planning the journey.

Train timetable access is made on

A1. Simple search.

To plan the trip on usual routes, shall be filled :

"Departure date" – mandatory field, represents the travel data (boarding the passanger).

"Departure" – mandatory field, represents the departure station. If is filled with a minimum 3 characters, the user can view a list of rail-stations that begin with characters entered from which the user can select the departure station. Choosing / selecting the station is made by placing on the station name and pressing Enter.

"Arrival "– mandatory field, represents the destination station. Choosing / selecting the arrival station is similar to the departure station. The system displays default only main stations. By ticking off the button

Only the main stations are displays all stations where you can buy tickets online.


The system displays default only main stations. By ticking off the button "Only the main stations" it is possible to select each / any rail-station.

After filling in the above fields shall press the button "Find routes", the system displays all routes that correspond to the selected criteria.

·Data provided in "Planning the journey" are the following:

·Price – provides information on fare thereof;

·Date of the trip – departure date for each train of the route;

·Train – rank and number of the train

·Departure station – original departure station and where changing the train on the route and the link station name of the path;

·Arrival station – arrival station and where changing the train on the route and the link station name of the path;

·Services – services provided oferite (1st and 2nd class, sleepin and berth car, restaurant, bicycle transport, etc.);

·Travel time – the travel time between departure and arrival stations;

· transfer time – the waiting time of the links in rail stations of change the train connections;

·Distance (km) – distance in km traveled by each train;

·Seat reservation – the type of reservation (compulsory, optional, without reservation);

·Route details – provides a graphic image of the train journey;

·Changing no.– number of changes on the route concerned


A2. Advanced search.

For listing the routes to get a certain rail-station via departure / arrival with a specific train, of those with reservation regime, press the buton "Advanced search ".

        "Via" –crossing station / station of changing the train on the route;

"Train imposed on departure" – train no. imposed on departure (ex. "3001")

"Train imposed on arrival" – train no. imposed on arrival (ex. "551")

"% deviation from the shortest route" – represents the percentage deviation from the shortest route, on kilometers. By default, the system provides (the amount already selected) besides the shortest route, those routes with up to 50% greater than the minimum distance;

"Only direct links" – are provided direct routes, without changes;

"Easy/fast links (as few changes)" ­ are provided the direct routes and those with minimum number of changes.

"Links with many changes schimbari" – the system provides routes with more changes. It can be used along with the field "via" in order to get a route with changing the train in a specific rail-station.

"Only trains with booking option" – ticking this option, are provided routes which consist of trains with mandatory and optional reservation regime.

"Sort by" – allows sorting the routes depending to: departure time, arrival time and running time and the distance;

"Departure time rage" – allows selection of the departure timeframe;

"Arrival time rage" – allows selection of the arrival timeframe.

A3. Price information.


Through the "Timetable" application are provided information on the travel fares for the following categories:

·full price ticket;

·child ticket;

·pupil/student ticket with card;

·student ticket with cupons;


·round trip offer;

· round trip for child

, both at 2nd and 1st class.

To get information about the price, after obtaining the routes press the button "Price" next to the desired route.



Rates are calculated only for one person.

To obtain the price shall be filled the two fields: 3

"Type of ticket" – card type:

·full price ticket;

·child ticket;

·pupil/student ticket with card;

· student ticket with cupons;

· retired;

·round trip offer;

· round trip for child

" train reservation type" – what type of reservation is required:

·1st class – class wagon;

·1st class – sleeping car with 2 beds in the cabin;

·1st class - single sleeping car regime;

·2nd class - class wagon;

·2nd class – berth car with 6 beds in the cabin;

·2nd class - berth car with 4 beds in the cabin.

Under the field "Price" the price is displayed according to selected criteria (departure – arrival station, rank train, ticket type and reservation type).


B. The route of the train (train`route).

For information about the train path access the button"train route".


Subsequently shall be filled the fields:

"Train" – shall be filled the train number for which you wish to obtain information;

"Date" – shall be filled the date of travel.


After clicking the button "Search" will be open the window "Train route" which provides the following information:

Train – train number selected;

Station – list of rail stations throughout the train;

Arrival – arrival time;

Stationary – stopping time;

Departure – departure time;

Services– services provided (due the groups which are attaches / detaches, they may differ throughout the train).


Information about the train route can be obtained also from the window departures arrivals by directly touching on the desired number of the train.

Pressing the button "Train` path" is displayed the graphic of the train journey.
Data on the path in graphics can be also obtained also from the window"Planning the trip" by accessing the button"Route details" .

In case of routes with links, each train path will be colored differently (ex. IR 1637 green and IR1985 red).

  1. Departures/ arrivals station.

To get information about the train timetable of a rail station access the button "Departures/arrivals station".

After which shall be filled the follwing data:

· Name of the rail station;

·Date of the travel;

·Departures – for displaying trains departing from selected station;

·Arrivals – for displaying trains arriving in the selected station;

, after which shall be access the button "Search".



The system displays default only the main rail stations. By ticking off the button "Only the main stations" it is possible to select any rail station.

In the window "Departures Arrivals ……." are provided the following information:

· train rank;

·train number;

·arrival time;

·departure time;

·Direction – in this field is presented the train path with the main stops.