On, all trains in domestic traffic with reservation (Interregio, Regio Express and some regio trains on certain routes, for which the "Purchase"), pay online.


• Available 7 days out of 7,
• tickets are purchased directly from the site and not be a sales counters CFR,
• making the trip data will be sent by email and will be available anytime from the user's own profile.

Terms of Use:

• Details on the conditions of use of the service "CFR Online Tickets" as an ordinary user can be obtained by click here.

Change of travel:

Can be achieved with tool "Change the journey", which gives the possibility to change the date and time travel category train (IR R), booking class and the route while the stations of departure and destination, number of passengers, passenger category and names of the original ticket remain unchanged.

Changing a ticket purchased can be performed once, pay differences tariff calculated according to regulations, at least 12 hours before train departure initially for trains running between available for purchasing a ticket online (respectively 30 days anticipation and most trains were late for departure time of boarding station 12 hours before a server request).

After performing the change by paying any tariff differences, the original ticket is no longer valid, and the traveler will be issued a new ticket that will be sent by email in pdf format.

I want to become an authorized distributor:

For a travel agency to become "authorized dealer" service "CFR Online Tickets" it needs to fulfill certain conditions and to take necessary steps in this regard. To view the conditions that must be met, steps that are required to follow to become "authorized dealer" service "CFR ticket Online" and extracted from the model standard contract to be concluded by the respective commercial company with CFR, click here

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