could be requested  at the ticket offices, as follows:

1. BEFORE STARTING THE JOURNEY (respectively before boarding on the first train from the route for which the ticket was issued for passenger):

a) for tickets issued at full price or with commercial discounts granted by CFR Călători, (except: round-trip ticket, discounted tickets – laws, VSD card): the cashier will withdraw the initial ticket and will issue a new ticket according to passengers’ requests, on which it will be done the mention of changing the transportation contract; it will be retained the reservation fee value of the seat or a percentage of it, depending reservation class;

b) if it is requested only to change the reservation class or commercial class, (the other conditions being unchanged for the same train and travel date): the cashier will issue a ticket for cashing the class differences, in connection with the initial ticket;

c) for tickets that have discounts based on laws: when is requested to travel by another train of different commercial rank or in combination with changing commercial class the initial ticket will not be withdrawn and the cashier will issue a ticket for cashing possible tariff differences.

2. ON ROUTE, on a railway station throughout a train route for which the ticket is valid or in the connecting railway station, case in which changing the transport contract is performed by the cashier, by validating the initial ticket under the new requirements and issuing a ticket for cashing any possible tariff differences.

        The maximum period of time for passengers to present at CFR Calatori counters, in order to change the transport contract, is maximum one hour from train departure for which is required to change the transportation contract.


         Journey anticipation may be required once, for any other train that runs in that direction before the first train for which the ticket is valid.

         The passenger must present himself with the ticket to any railway station or CFR travel agency before starting the trip, in order to anticipate the journey.

Journey anticipation does not cancel the right to interrupt the journey.

          Journey anticipation cancels the right to postpone the journey.

The journey anticipation it is not allowed for subscribers type tickets, VSD card.

For tickets with validity period (round trip, etc.) journey anticipation is not allowed if, by granting it,  the period of validity is extended. The anticipation request for one way journey can be made only if it was established the date of the return trip, and the period between the departure trip – for which the anticipation visa is granted and the return trip does not exceed 20 days.


          Before starting the journey, a passenger who wants to travel by train that circulates after the first train on route for which he has purchased the ticket, has the right to request a postponement of the trip, only in case of tickets which entitle to such amendment of transport contract.

           When at the journey postponement request, the travel date and the train are unknown, cashier shall apply a „Postponement” visa on the initial ticketof the passenger. Before starting the journey, the passenger must present himself compulsorily at the ticket offices, in order to establish the date and train for which he intends to continue the journey; otherwise the passenger found on train only with the stamp for journey postpone, without other indications, he will be considered with non-valid ticket and will be treated according to the law.

Postponing the journey may be requested, only once, for any other train which runs in that direction and cancels the right of travel anticipation.

Postponing of journey does not cancel the right to interrupt the journey.

Postponing of journey does not cancel the right to refund transport tariffs according to the regulations in force.

Postponing the journey, for tickets with validity period (round trip ticket, group ticket, etc.) can be done for any train which departs within the validity period, no later than the last day of validity. By postponing the trip the ticket validity period shall not be extended with validity period. 

Postponing the journey can be made:

- from any railway station or travel agency, before the departure time of the train from the on-boarding station stated on the ticket, for which it was issued;

- from any on-boarding railway station stated on the ticket up to maximum one hour after de  departure of the train for which it was issued. 



The ticket, usually, entitles to a single journey interruption, which shall be made within a minimum 24 hours after the departure of the train with which the passenger arrived or from the departure of the first connecting train of the same rank.

Applying interruption visa by establishing its duration, may be requested only once, except for tickets that have set other private commercial conditions of use.

The period of travel interruption, other than 24 hours, shall be set by CFR Calatori staff under the commercial regulations.

Continuing the trip can be done from the railway station where the interruption or from any other railway station located along the unperformed route.

The ticket becomes invalid if the interrupted journey cannot be continued by train for which was stamped. In such situations the partial non-use visa can be applied with refund of related tariffs, in compliance with regulations in force.

When the passenger cannot specify with which train he will continue its journey, the cashier will apply only the stamp, following to present himself again in order to complete its visa with the train number, date and signature.

To be entitled to continue the journey: it is mandatory the presence of the passenger at the interrupt railway station with the ticket, for stamping the interrupt visa by the cashier, within maximum one hour after his arriving at the railway station where the journey is interrupted.

To continue the journey by lower rank train shall not entitle the reimbursement of tariff differences, the journey being made at the passenger` request.

To continue the journey by a higher rank train is made by paying the tariff differeces.

The passenger found on train with ticket stamped only for interruption, without being specified the train number and the date for continuing the journey, as well as possible tickets as tariff differences, shall be considered with non-valid ticket and treated accordingly. 

Tickets issued/stamped on the base of some conventions concluded by CFR Călători with various institutions, according to legal provisions in force, will entitle to journey interruption of 5 (five) days, without any approval.

 It is not considered an interruption, the period of time spent in the connecting railway station for waiting the first connecting train or to wait for the train for which the passenger has a ticket.

The following tickets do not give the right to interrupt the journey: a) the ticket issued on train for collecting the taxation tariffs on board trains; b) VSD card; c) ATM–CFR ticket; d) online CFR ticket;

New! Possibility to online change the tickets purchased  from website

In order to assist passengers who purchase tickets directly from website, the online sales platformcurrently allows to change already purchased tickets by using the tool „Change travel date”.

The new function gives the possibility to change the date and time of the journey, train category (IC, IR and R), reservation class, as well as the route given that the departure and destination stations, number of passengers, passenger category and their names from the initial ticket remain unchanged.

Changing a purchased ticket can be done just once by paying the differences tariff calculated according to regulations in force, with at least 12 hours before departure of the initially train, for trains that operates in the range available to purchase an online ticket  (respectively for 30 days anticipation and no later than 12 hours prior the requested hour in server for trains with departure time scheduled from the boarding station. After performing the change by paying any tariff differences, the initial ticket is no longer valid and the passenger will be issued a new ticket which will be sent by email in pdf. format).