Conditions for the refund of transport tariffs

The transport tariff shall be fully or partially refunded, when:

  • The ticket was not used or was partially used
  • Due to a lack of seat, the ticket was used for a class or train of lower rank than the one stated on the ticket, except the cases the passenger asks voluntarily to  travel at at a class or by a train of lower rank.
  • The ticket tariff shall be refunded by retaining the processing fee of 10% from the transport tariff.
  • The reservation ticket cannot be refunded.
  • The transport tariff is fully refunded, including the reservation ticket, if the train for which was issued the ticket no longer circulates or in case of force majeure.
  • Refund is made at passengers’ verbal request, for whatever reason, provided that he will present the ticket to the agent of public passenger rail operator from the issuing unit not later than 1 hour from train departure for which it was issued.
  • The tickets issued by travel agencies may be presented for refund to the head of travel agency in maximum 2 hours from train departure.
  •  For trains which depart after closing hour of travel agencies, the tickets shall be presented within 1 hour after train departure, to the head of the railway station, to be stamped as unused, then approved for refund by the head of travel agency, in the first working day, within 2 hours of agency opening hour.

Refund terms

The transport tariff  is refunded  in cases of:

  1. traffic disruptions,
  2. trains cancellation;
  3. loss of connections;
  4. Illness on route;
  5. renouncing to perform the whole trip, but only for the uncovered part of the route

For situations foreseen at points 4 and 5 regarding the refund tariffs calculation, the processing fee shall be retaind which represents 10% of the transport tariff to be refunded.

If the ticket was not used or was partially used for reason caused by death, illness, injury,  detention by authorities and other similar situations, these should be prooven by the passenger with documents.

Where is achieved the partial refund

Partial refund, only for uncovered route, is achieved at:

  • railway station where the journey was interrupted, when the passenger does not want to return at the departure station;
  • Unit from where the ticket was purchased, based on partial not-used visa, stated on the ticket by the head of interruption station, if the passenger wants to return at the departure station.
    • when the sleeping/berth car, for which the supplement was issued no longer runs over the entire distance
    • when the passenger got sick, suffered an accident or has been detained by the authorities;
    • when the passenger renounced at the trip;
    • when the passenger postpones the departure and requires exchanging the bed supplement/berth car for another day.
    • For the first 2 cases the refund is fully done, based on written request of the passenger
    • For the next 2 cases, the bed supplement/berth car tariff is refunded under the following conditions:

Tariff for bed suppliment/berth car is refunded in the following cases:

How is done the refund

  1. If the supplement is presented no later than a day before the train leaves from departure station, the supplement tariff shall be refunded by retaining the processing fee which represents 10% of the bed supplement/berth car tariff;
  2. If the supplement will be presented later, with maximum one hour before the train leaves from departure station, shall be refunded only 50% of the fee charged;
  3. After the deadline provided at point 2,  the bed supplement/berth car tariff shall not be refunded.

Please be advised that CFR Călători complies and applies the legislation, the provisions and regulations imposed at European level for passenger railway transport services. In accordance with provisions of European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no. 1371/2007 on rights and obligations of passengers in railway transport,in cases of delays exceeding 60 minutes, our company provides refunds for delas to customers. These refunds are currently provided only for international transport services. Information regarding the procedure to apply for compensation - click here .

According to G.O. no. 1078/2014, the national railway passenger services are exempted from the provisions of Regulation 1371/2007 until 03 December 2019.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay and we thank you for your understanding.