Aimed for those who travel frequently by train in domestic traffic and do not want to take care of a ticket.


  • To travel without limits, within 1 year or 6 months, on any path, with any train rank
  • For trade companies the travel card is not nominal, any company employee can travel with it
  • For travel by higher rank trains, purchasing the booking ticket is not mandatory.*) 

Paying an additional fee to purchase the travel card, it can be issued having one of the endorsements

“Valid at the sleeping / berth car”or“Valid at berth car”,case in which the holder can travel at the sleeping car, respectively at the berth car without paying the booking fee, requesting the free card at the ticket office.

To see the rates of the travel card click here.

More information for procurement orders
only for Travel Card,at the phone 0731 990138  or 021/ 3199528, 3199529, 3199565 / internal rail-phone 122745.

   For further information,please call at the information offices from the railway stations click here or cfr travel agencies (click here)

*If you want to travel with a reserved seat on trains with seat reservation regime the booking ticket shall be aquire by paying the full fare.