Reservation by phone to the wagons, 1st and 2nd class, for main cities on the departure train day is made at the following phone numbers :
for departures from:                                            phone:

Bucureşti – Gara de Nord                       021 9522 

Braşov                                                 0268 421 700

Cluj Napoca                                          0731 990 520

Constanţa                                             0727 999 952

Galaţi                                                  0236 496 000

Iaşi                                                      0232 202 777

Timişoara Nord                                     0256 200 457

Features of the reservation service by phone:

  • reservation of seats can be made only on the departure day of the train, at the 1st and 2nd class coaches , of the train composition that circulate in domestic traffic departing from rail-stations mentioned above; No reservation tickets are issued to sleeping car / couchette.
  • the service may be used also by beneficiaries of reductions in rail fares, provided that at picking up of the ticket are able to prove the reduction;
  • tickets can be picked up no later than 30 minutes before the train departs, otherwise the reservation is lost;
  • the charge for calls is the usual one and related to the telephone network in which the call is made;
  • working programme for customer is permanent;

For such service, compared to theequivalent value of the train tickets an additional booking fee is paid of 5,50 lei to a request for a reservation seat and of 7 lei to a request for 2 or more reserved seats, maximum 6 places.

Information by phone

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