In the context of preparations for the begining of the shool year, CFR Călători recommends pupils to buy in advance their tickets / season-tickets, to travel to / from the place where they study. Pupils’ journey by train is regulated by the Government Decision no.42/2017.

abonament cfr sept 2016

Ticket discounts

Pupils in compulsory and vocational education - including accredited / licensed post-secondary, secondary education, benefit from a 50% reduce rate for domestic rail transport to all categories of trains (Regio and Interregio), IInd class, throughout the calendar year.

Season-tickets discounts

When making money-saving and time-saving calculations, for those who travel frequently by train, an advantageous solution is the SEASON-TICKET!

Pupils benefit from monthly season-tickets to all trains. The discounts are valid for IInd Class trips, they are issued for distances of up to 300 km and the number of trips included is unlimited.

For example, a pupil pays only 75,60 lei for a Regio monthly season-ticket, IInd class on Bucharest North - Ploiesti South route, instead of 302,4 lei as it would cost the full price trip for 21 working days or 151,20 lei for a monthly season-ticket at a standard rate for Regio train.

In addition, orphaned pupils, pupils with special educational needs, as well as those for whom a special protection measure has been established, under the law, or guardianship, benefit from free of charge tickets for the domestic railway transport, throughout the calendar year. For them, free travel tickets / season-tickets will be issued to all train categories, IInd class, for distances up to 300 km.

In order to support pupils and school units, CFR Călători will grant the discount facility based on the endorsement for the school year 2016/2017, until 30.09.2017. After this date, the CFR Călători pupils’ trip will be based on the documents endorsed for the 2017/2018 school year.

 Tickets/season-tickets for pupils, with 50% reduced rate are issued as follows:

  • for pupils in preparatory classes, it is necessary to submit the proving certificate and the copy of the birth certificate.
  • for primary and secondary education pupils, it is necessary to submit only the report card endorsed forthe current school year (with the Personal Identification Number mentioned on the front page).
  • high school students will submit the report card endorsedfor the current school year (ith the Personal Identification Number mentioned on the front page) and an identity card (identity card / residence permit or passport);
  • for those who benefit from free of charge tickets, education units managment will mention on the report the entitlement to free of charge tickets.



Before making the trip, we ask all the passengers to ensure that they have purchased a ticket to avoid additional tax on the train and/or to bear the costs of the fine, according to the regulations in force. For updated information on train traffic, passengers are requested to check on the company’s website , or to contact us at 021/9521 (for domestic traffic) or to contact our staff in stations.



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