Bucharest, 9th of March, 2017
Between 10th-12th of March 2017, CFR Călători Constanța and CFR Calatori Craiova are expecting you at the Tourism Fairs with discounts of 45% (vouchers and tickets purchased at the booth): 
Constanța Holiday Tourism Fair  2017!
Between 10th – 12th of March  at VIVO Constanța 
Oltenia Tourism Fair  
Between 10th – 12th of March  at Craiova Multifunctional Centre
Bucharest, 3rd of March 2017
In March,  CFR Călători´s subsidiaries are present at the Tourism Fairs from Romania with the offers of 45% discount on tickets issued to the booth and vouchers with 45% reduction. 
•45% discount when buying the tickets available online (adult, child, pupil, owner of the TrenPlus travel card, minigroup, round-trip journey, etc.) and issued from the CFR´ booth to persons listed/recorded or who agree to subscribe to the newsletter;
•Vouchers for  buying the train tickets in the domestic traffic with 45% discount from the final price of a single individual travel, valid until 15th of April;  those journeys could be performed until  14th  of May 2017.
The Regional Tourism Fairs take place in the following locations: 
•Timișoara, between 03th-05th of March 2017, at the  Regional Business Center
•Craiova, between 10th-12th of March 2017, at the Craiova Multifunctional Centre
Constanța - 10th-12th of March 2017, at the Vivo Mall
Brașov – 17th-19th of March 2017, at the  Business Center
Iași - 17th-19th of March 2017, at the Palas Mall
Any further details on www.cfrcalatori.ro/863  
About CFR Călători:
The Railway Passenger Transport Company„CFR Călători” S.A. is the national passenger railway operator which performs public passenger transport by rail. CFR Călători contributes to the free movement of persons within and outside the country, under environmental and safety conditions. The company's management policy that is promoted is to provide passenger rail service quality, with a commitment to society to ensuring accessibility for all citizens.



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