General conditions

Do you want to organize a visit, a shooting, a meeting including travel by train? You can set your schedule transportation for your needs. To do this, just signing a contract, and the first step is filling in the "transport demand" form, stating data / information regarding transportation.

So, the success of your trip organized by you also depends on the quality of the transport.
Moreover, the flexibility toghether with a special confort and environment, transportation can become a tourist attraction of the program. It is what we want to offer through CHARTER TRAIN:


  • routes and hours of service according to your request;
  • comfort and exceptional conditions;
  • the opportunity to dine on the train, benefiting from the services in wagon bistro bar or restaurant during the trip;
  • adapting the train composition to the number of tourist, the trains can be composed of 1st or 2nd class wagons, sleeping cars, couchette, restaurant and / or bar-bistro cars.

 For details on filling the demand of transportation, please follow the link information required for completing the application form of transport.

Based on the information that we obtain from you by filling out the form, you get advice from our specialists and the best solution for transport demand.

 After entering the data in the form, for acknowledgment of transport demand, you will receive an e-mail message, in which you have to confirm your registration. Later discussions will take place via e-mail or phone 021/310 80 73.

Transportation Request Form